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* 中国梦 *

随着壮丽的音乐, 带您到一个梦幻般的旅程。看那老鹰高昂的飞翔,寻觅着猎物的踪影。欣赏无与伦比的美丽风光,将消除您心中的忧虑和悲伤。这是最创新和大胆的扣人心弦的壮丽音乐, 叹为观止的自然仙境和栩栩如生的美妙动画汇集在一起取,  三位一体的杰作结合。 这些令人振奋的视频编码与神圣的愈合代码,将治愈你的灵魂矩阵在其最深的感觉。


Ride along with the epic music and embark on a fantasy journey. Watch the Eagle soaring high in the skies, looking for the traces of its prey. Enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the scenery and it will eliminate the worries and sadness in your heart.  This is the most innovative and bold creation of epic music, breathtaking sceneries and stunning animation in one take, a trinity integration of masterpiece artwork.  And these mind-blowing videos are encoded with the Divine healing codes that will heal your souls matrix in its deepest sensation.


Asiana Capital

Kelly Lee (K2 Industries)

Rainer Seah

Adeline Foo

Anonymous #1
Winnie Nah
Angie Gan


Youtube, Google, FaceBook, Mixposure, ReverbNation


Ivan Torrent (Epic Music Creator) -
Fun Learning Channel (Green Screen Creator) -
Michael Weinstein (The Master Flute Maker) -
Zach Farley (The Master Flute Maker) -


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